A city girl at heart and true to her blonde roots, she lives for the next laugh. Holds her family closest to her heart and would take a bullet for any of her closest friends. Can't get through ANY day, good or bad without a cup of joe. Loves pink and sparkles. Northerner, which is proved in her driving habits. Hates change.

A communications/design graduate of Liberty University, she is currently focusing on a career in marketing with dreams of finishing her master's degree and buying her own house.

mix red and white- passion and purity- to make pink, 
the most feminine of hues 
{kate spade}

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Brandi said...

Nice to meet you Ema! I came across your blog today and the second that I saw Audrey I knew that I was going to like this blog! :) It appears that we're neighbors too because I live in the D.C. metro area as well :)

Looking forwad to reading some of your old posts and following!