Sunday, September 26, 2010

What I'm reading

Recently, my roommate and I have been obsessed with shaping our lives to reflect the always stylish, always classy, always graceful Audrey Hepburn. Our purpose: become classy, intelligent and impressionable young women as we prepare to enter into our professional careers.

I love my roommate Julia. We always have the best of times laughing and sarcastically criticizing each others efforts to get our lives together. All joking aside, though- she is one of the most dedicated, smart and driven ladies that I know. While she enjoys an awesome time with friends from time to time, she has never let that get in the way of her ultimate career and academic goals. She's been through a lot and her determination to succeed is an inspiration to constantly move toward a higher goal. Check us out enjoying a night out a few weeks ago with the ultimate classy friend, Brittney Joy:

(Brit's Blackberry Photo)

Jules and I have been enjoying spending roommate time devouring our new "Audrey books", we commonly refer to them. Currently, I am reading the chapter {in the book pictured above} entitled "Words, Words, Words". A sneak peak into the chapter so far: "any girl worth her Manolo Blahniks knows how to talk the talk and walk the walk." Author Jordan Christy writes about the importance of improving our speach to communicate intelligence, elimating toxic phrases and words such as "ummm, yeah" and "like, totally" that Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have made popular among women today.

So far, I love this book! Inspiring and motivational, it is a reminder to keep moving forward to the goals of the future.

What books are you reading or currently enjoying?
Any of you reading on a Kindle?

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