Thursday, December 23, 2010

birthday sparkles!

I had the best day today!

My 25th birthday was filled with plenty of princess sparkles...

new gold kate spade bag
simple black leather pumps
(needed these, mine are shot!)
cell phone cases and a martini glass from sister!

I also got some cash...
(more on how that it's going to be spent later)

As well as a "gift certificate" for sessions with a personal trainer!!

The gym/personal trainer is something that I've always wanted to do... I always get discouraged when I feel like I'm working my tail off, yet I'm not getting anywhere. This fall, I wanted to join a gym, but the money to fork out on joining fees were just never there.

I'm super stoked about this endeavor and cannot WAIT to start researching more about personal trainers when I return to Virginia.

Today was wonderful. I am so happy.


ps. one of my friends also sent me this picture today of his dad's pup and I just couldn't help but share. his name is Chance- how precious!

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