Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{have courage}

I've stated many times before, but Kate Spade is my all-time favorite designer. I love her for her whimsical and playful, yet classic and functional pieces.

I also love her for her quotes that she tucks away in secret places throughout her products. On the inside of my cell phone case, you can find the simple words "have courage" imprinted inside, only noticeable if you take the entire case off. I love that because it's like a message for me, a reminder to "have courage" to face life's daily trails.

This year, my brother treated me to 2 KS bags {what a lucky sister I am!} Here is the one I got for Christmas. When I saw this bag in the store, I immediately fell in love. I love the classic look of this bag.

Kate's message on this one is "have a point of view." I love this reminder, as one of my hardest struggles is to have a backbone or my own point of view... and if I have developed my own point of view, I am usually too passive to state it. Thank you, Kate for the reminder! I always keep your little message cards in the bag they came in!


Laura Darling said...

I've never had a real Kate Spade bag, and I never knew they came with message cards in them! What a great idea...I love this one!

Ashley said...

LOVE that bag!!!!

Gwen said...

Love the bag and the message. Sometimes I worry that I have too much of a point of view but then again I have to speak my mind or I'll explode. :) XOXO

dreaming in pink and green said...

I love that bag! I don't have a KS bag so I didn't know they had those cute messages, but I'd love finding them. I love the messages you got in yours, especially the 'have courage' :) It's like a gentle reminder of the things we sometimes forget