Friday, January 7, 2011

14 pounds of sweetness

I miss this sweet pup aka my parent's 4th {and favorite} child. He lives 6 hours away with my parents in Delaware.

I miss his playfulness.

I miss his sour faces when his Mother gives him a bath. 

I miss his shiny little lip. 

I miss his snaggled teeth. 

He is the most stubborn, high maintenance dog our family has ever owned... but man, do I miss all 14 pounds of him. 

I'll be home soon, Elmo. Until then, take care of your Mother and your Father. 


1 comment:

cynthia gayle said...

He said he loves you very, very much sister! But he wished you had not used the tongue sticking out makes him feel silly! Oh yeah, I think he is 14.6....Holiday Weight.