Tuesday, January 25, 2011

cha cha cha chaaaaanges

I hate change. 
Almost as much as I hate goodbyes. 

No matter what I do to my hair... I always revert back to my "classic"... long, blonde hair. Then sometimes... when I really feel like a fun little change (and have time)... I roll it with hot rollers for kicks and giggles. But don't get excited too quickly, it happens maybe once a month.

Second note: I also have "hair anxiety." You know... when you're afraid to get your hair cut because you're afraid they're going to jank it all up {yes, I just said jank}. Well this, dear readers... is the reason why *I* have hair anxiety...

I have psyched myself up for almost 3 weeks about going to get my hair trimmed. Then I finally went. I was so tense, my stylist could tell, so she told me to "relax." So I closed my eyes. And then I opened my eyes and my hair was gone. As in... it was on the floor, no longer attached to my head.

{I posted this picture a few weeks ago, but it's a good shot of my long hair}


{yes, this was taken at my work desk. 
Yes, those are pink Christmas lights up in the background... 
but hey, I'm there for 8+ hours every day, so why not make it pretty?}

I feel like I look like I am 5 years old. This is not ok. 

ps. on a good note, my brother is the best. He is the one who got this picture first via email. And then proceeded to tell me everything I could possibly want to hear and more. I am so lucky :)


Sam said...

I LOVE your hair cut! I think it looks so cute on you, and if anything, makes you look older to me. It's a sophisticated cut! I'm sorry you got it all chopped off when you weren't wanting that, believe me, I've been there.. who do stylists think they are to go against what you ask for? But luckily for you, it turned out gorgeous and I hope you grow to love it :)

Gwen said...

I think it looks great!!!! However...if you didn't ask her to cut multiple inches off I would be pissed!!!! In the end though you look fabulous!!! XOXO

dreaming in pink and green said...

I love it!! you do NOT look like you are 5! I think it really shapes your face and brings out your gorgeous eyes!

molly YEH! said...

hey! that is an adorable haircut!! i bet it is easier to manage too, and quicker to dry, and you use less shampoo so it saves money! win win win win.