Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I'm dreaming of buying my own townhome/small house... 

I day dream about it every.single.day.

I dream about the rooms and how I would decorate them and what each room would be used for. 

This would be the inspiration for my office-slash-closet {yes, I said and mean closet}. Pink, cream, flowers and lots of light pouring through the windows. And lots of books... lots and lots of books. 

I dream about doing renovations with my Daddy. And calling my Mom to come spend the day and shop. I dream of having a puppy at home and hosting friends for game nights. I dream of grabbing a huge cup of coffee and my books and crawling back into bed on Saturday mornings and playing in my office {slash closet} all day on Sunday.

This dream will come true. And I'm going to do it by myself. So I can have my pink office. It will be my office and my house. This dream is not out of my reach. It simply means I have to be more persistent career wise and make wise financial decisions. Never a better time to learn than now.

What do you dream of?


Nicole Marie said...

i dream of being on perma vacation!

RAW said...

Love love LOVE that first picture. We have similar taste.

Make wise decisions now and I'm sure you can have your own townhouse within the next four to six years :) I look forward to owning a place, but am not quite ready to leave city life yet.

I dream of being debt free, fifteen pounds lighter and owning my own consignment shop.