Sunday, January 23, 2011


One thing is for sure: 
I absolutely hate goodbyes. 

My roommate and one of my very best friends left for an internship in DC today. While I am so happy and so proud of her, her presence will be missed every day while she is gone.

Great memories still linger in the air at Princeton Circle. They always say to never live with your best friend, but we never seemed to mind. 

My favorite memories: 
social mornings
mac and cheese snack time
PM alarm clocks
wine and trash television nights
girl talk
white boards (the way we all communicate on a daily basis)

 {Jules, me, Vanessa}

This was her last weekend in town for a while. I can honestly say we had a blast as we painted this little town in Southwest Virginia... Northern girl style.

{J and I with our wonderful boyfriend Jorge}

J's friendship is so dear to me; she was the first to rush over at almost 1 in the morning on that devastating weekend in August 2009. I still remember that night like it was yesterday as she held me and told me that everything was going to be ok. She has laughed with me, cried with me and smacked me in the face when I needed it most over the last year and a half.  We have both been through thick and thin as individuals, but she always remains a constant in my life, and for that... I am truly thankful. 

I know you're reading this, J! Remember this until you return to the South: 
I love-a you-a!

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