Thursday, March 31, 2011

it's a date...

One of my all time favorite things is Skype!
{one form of social media that I will NOT be giving up soon}

This is one of the BEST ways that I have been able to keep in touch with my family and friends who don't live in the same city and/or state... for free! While talking on the phone is convenient for those days that you "don't feel like doing your hair", it's also so comforting seeing a familiar face while conversing with ones you love.

My mom {sometimes Mo, if he is not busy napping or tending to my parent's mini-chicken farm} and I Skype at least once a week and usually convinces my Daddy to drop in, too! I come from a crazy family- Mom and I laugh hysterically at the faces we make at each other over Skype. One night, I started taking pictures of her... to save for blackmail if ever deemed necessary. She wanted to learn how to take screenshots of her computer, so I was teaching her how... (yeah, she's cooler than your mom because she is proficient on a Mac)...

Mom learning how to take a screenshot

Mom when she learned how to take a screen shot... Blackmail pictures are a'coming, I'm sure!

Mom practicing her pose incase I was still taking pictures... she makes me laugh SO hard!

Mom put a baby hat on Mo... he wasn't as impressed as Mom and I were...
 Oh, how I love Skyping with my mother!

And since one of my best friends Julia moved to DC, we've also set up several Skype dates.

J getting ready for her screenshot {and me expressing my excitement via fist-pump bc she is coming to see me this weekend!}
J wanting me to admire her beauty
J being silly

J blowing me goodnight kisses

I also Skype with my trainer, Liz any time I need a pep talk about my eating/exercising plan. Love Skype dates with her! So refreshing and motivational (though I don't have pictures of you, I love you and our Skype dates just as much, Liz!)

Have you ever tried Skype? It's free and an easy download and only requires a webcam! Try it if you haven't, especially if you live far away from your parents and/or best friends!


cynthia gayle said...

Did you really post those photos of me or am I imagining it? Just you wait because I do know how to take screen shots...if I could only find my notes!

Gwen said...

How fun!!! I really need to invest in a new computer so I can have Skype dates with my far away friends. :)

corrine said...

skyping is amazing! My bestie just had a baby and I swear it's the only way to connect with her!!!