Wednesday, April 6, 2011

roommate lovin'

Quite the busy weekend in Central Virginia this past weekend. My Princess Julia and Kristen came to visit for the weekend. Unfortunately, I had to work most of the weekend, but we were able to enjoy a Saturday morning social morning sipping coffee from our roommate mugs, watching television and catching up. 

Saturday night, we met with friends over drinks at Mangia...  the neighborhood wine bar which happens to be one of our favorite places to go in town. The beautiful hardwood floors, small candlelit tables and established wine collection set the mood for a classy atmosphere throughout the quaint rooms. Larry, our favorite {and most outrageous} bartender was quite pleased when we walked in, as it had been weeks since our last visit.

I'm looking forward to catching brunch on the patio at this very same place sometime this Spring. 

And for the record, I still hate goodbyes. 

I hope you are enjoying your week, dear readers!


Sophie said...

this sounds like the perfect weekend to spend with friends. even if you had to work :)
love that photo of you three xx

*Allie* said...

This Looks like a fun place to relax with friends!

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