Monday, February 13, 2012

Writing again...

I am completely ashamed to admit that another six months has gone by and I have yet to write a single post. It's partly due to lack of inspiration and partly due to a busy schedule. 

There's been a few posts that I've started, but have never been able to finish. But here I am, mid February 2012... and I want to start writing again. Besides running, writing is one of the best "releases" of daily stresses. It allows my pseudo-organized brain to organize the 1.6 million thoughts that cross my mind daily. 

We'll start again with Quoteable Mondays, a few recipes that's I've tried here and there... and every once in a while, when deemed appropriate, a post about my personal life. 

I'm excited to connect with you all again, to read about your personal struggles and accomplishments, recipes and workout tips that are exchanged and to drool over pictures taken from your pesonal lives... but (somewhat secretly), I'm most excited to start writing again. 


♥Aubrey said...

Sometimes we need to step away & take time for ourselves. I took a year! Welcome back.

cynthia gayle said...

So, so glad you're back!