Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can I have these? Please and Thanks.

I found these today on It's Unbeweavable.

Despite the fact that they are highly impractical, I think I should have these, no?? I can TOTALLY see myself in these beauties...

But then again... let's really think about it...

FACT: I trip and fall while walking in flats {on completely flat/level ground}. Maybe I should master the flats first. ;)

{results from most recent trip/fall.
lovely bruise on my right shin to match the bruise on my
left shin from kayaking this summer. ouch.}

ps. I really do love heels and I can successfully walk in them. you will find that I am ridiculously clumsy though. i mean, seriously.



hey sweet girl!

1) yes they are pretty cute I'll keep my brothers

2) I DIE for those heels

3)glad to see you're blogging again

4)do you visit me soon????? hmm yes I SAY YES!

6) I am back to reality so Ill text ya here soon and we can catch up...OH and dont worry about clumsiness it took me about a year to master heels like that! YOU CAN AND MUST DO IT! :-)

oh yeah dont forget I love you today!<3

Elizabeth Marie said...

OMG I LOOOOVE THEM, but I wore them today and I seriously almost ate curb...and I consider myself a profesh in heels. (Not a stripper though haha)...