Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Guiltiest of Pleasures

First and foremost, I need to take time to thank all the veterans who have served our country so we can have freedom. To the ones with us still and the ones who have sacrificed their own lives, thank you. Although we Americans many times take what you do for this country for granted, your service and patriotism does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

{I'm also the proud sister of a retired Air Force Senior Airman}
-me n' bubs-

Up next: I had the most fun opportunity tonight... an opportunity that I didn't even know I was craving, but when it happened, man oh man- I gained some sort of satisfaction that gave me a little extra pep in my step.

You see, while I'm trying to figure out my next step in life, where I'm going from here- I'm working as a server at an area chain restaurant. Not really the job I visioned I would land after college, but hey- I also didn't see the economy/job market crashing upon completion of my undergrad. Regardless- it's what I do. Respect the waitress.

{And tip me 20%, your tip is my paycheck.}

At this particular restaurant though, we have a birthday ritual. We think it's to make the biggest scene possible about gaining another candle on that birthday cake, whether you're turning 8 or 98. And by making a scene, I mean a gang of us clap obnoxiously from the kitchen to your table, then make you saddle up on a mobile saddle and twirl a white napkin around your head as the entire restaurant applauds and screams "yee-haw."

Now usually, I wimp out as far as the yelling goes. I get someone else to do it, usually a guy because they are soooo much louder and more capable of doing this job. But for the first time tonight, I was the announcer. So, above the blaring music and table chatter of an over-packed restaurant {did I mention I got my arse served to me tonight?}, I got to scream at the top of my lungs: "attention {insert restaurant name here}... we have a very special guest in the building with us tonight. Over here is Kylie and she's celebrating her 8th birrrrrrrrthdaaaaaaay." {applause} "On the count of three, let's help her celebrate by giving her a big, loud {restaurant name} 'yeeeeee-haw'"... or something like that.

{via google}

Now usually, I would have been soooo embarrassed to do something like this. I would have done it, but I would have hated every second of it.

Not tonight. Tonight, I loved it. I got to yell. Yell out my frustration and {some} of my anger. Yell because I wanted to and no one was going to shush me or tell me to control my voice or emotions. Now granted, my screaming rant was scripted, but I still had the opportunity. And it felt uh.maz.inggg.

Then I rode the saddle back to it's hiding place as someone pushed me. And you're darn right I smiled the whole way back. Talk about liberating. I'll be doing this more often. {kaythnxbai}

In other news: I need to rant about a guilty pleasure. Dove Dark Chocolate Bars. Anyone with me? Please let me elaborate for a moment.

Open the package... the delish, rich scent of chocolate embraces every sense of smell. Why hello... it's been a little while since, well... you know... I gave in and let my {sweet tooth} guard down. Snap off a block and my knees weaken as it touches my taste buds. It melts... and I mean, melts. This little piece of heaven is like the Loubies of the chocolate world. Try one.

And thank you Dove for promoting it with 2-block {compared to 5 blocks} sample size portions. I owe ya one.

What's your simplest, yet guiltiest pleasure girls?

ps. we're having a major fashion crisis. more to come tomorrow. i need your help. stay tuned.


Gwen said...

LOL!!! Good for you girl!!! Now they will always want you to the be the announcer. :) XOXO

cynthia gayle said...

Thanks to all our veterans. I am so thankful for the sacrifices that were made on our behalf.


Sam said...

let me guess, Texas Roadhouse?? If so, the rolls are amazing!! Never had Dove chocolate. hmmm..

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

dove chocolate? YES

molly YEH! said...

ohmygoodness you are so cute! it was williamsburg in brooklyn :-)
teehee. you need to go there!!


it's no shame november, so you don't need to feel guilty about guilty pleasures!! (i just ranted all about guilty pleasures and if you email me a list i will totally post it!!)

my biggest guilty pleasure of the day was eating a whole domino's pizza. and that's just today. HAH.

muah! happy friday :-)

Paula Kathlyn said...

Thanks Emma Leigh :) I love when my mom sews for Caleb- free boutique clothes!

Nat said...

Ha ha glad you had fun announcing! Just been reading through your blog and you are one funny lass.