Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Time is Here

Mom left a note for me today that said... "Christmas list today or you ain't gettin nothin." That's my mama for ya. I decided to share with everyone what I'm wishing and hoping for this Christmas. So without further adieu:
Ema's Christmas List 2009

Starbucks Christmas Blend
{whole bean preferably}
And a pack of the Starbucks Via Instant Coffee
{which is uh.maaaazing, you should go purchase some}

{I would also like to have my Keurig back so that I can brew some of this loveliness as well, please and thanks}

I've heard this book is really comical and a good read... so I'll go ahead and ask.
Someday My Prince Will Come
True Adventures of a Wanna-Be-Princess
by Jerramy Fine

These gorgeous Tory Burch Cat Eye Sunnies.
I am obsessed.
{wishing and hoping these are on ebay by now}

And speaking of Tory,
I really, really REEEALLY want a set of her cosmetic bags
{Which I'd be willing to bet you can find on ebay, hint hint}
Then I saw Coach's new purple tote and immediately
fell in love
with her perfection.

Ok, this one is up there in the "want" list, too...
{Mom, talk to Ana about how to get this, bigger tote preferably
...if I do get it}

I'd really like a pretty pair of booties, too.
Here's a few styles that I like:

Charlotte's Buckled Peep Toe BootiesCharlotte's Suede Ruffle BootiesAnd even though my dad will say these are hooker's shoes,
and will probably object to me owning a pair,
I'd really like a pair of strappy booties, too.
Here's Charlotte's as well.Also, a massage would be nice, indeed. I've never had one.
{I know right, who am I??}

I'm also on the hunt for the perfect perfume this Christmas.
Suggestions of YOUR favorites are highly welcome.

And now I will be practical. What I really need is a new power adapter and battery for my MacBook. How boring. Both can be found at Apple.

And lastly,
for kicks and giggles, Mom and Dad
{and anyone else who has $725 sitting around...}
I would love to have Christian's Peep Toe Glitter Pumps.
{you can stop laughing now, Dad, and no... they don't do anything other than look pretty}
Ahhh... this, people... if perfection could be summed up in a shoe, this would be it.

What about you, lovelies?
What are you hoping and wishing for this
Christmas Season?


Gwen said...

I love that Coach bag. I saw it at Macy's last weekend and its the first one in that optic C pattern that I like. I would love a massage too but I think I'll buy that for myself before Christmas. :) XOXO

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

I want that coach bag. Its to die for, and a massage = exactly what I need right now.

Great list my love.

Jenni said...

ohhh love it all!!!!!!!!! especially the massage :)

cynthia gayle said...

In the old days one had to be good to get gifts from Santa. If that rule still applies today, you ain't gettin' nuttin'

Love Mo

Nicole Leigh said...

ooooh those shoes are gorgeous!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Starbucks and Loubies=happy Liz!

hisMrs said...

Those are some GREAT choices!!! I wanted a robe for Christmas so I went to the store and bought one and told the hubby to wrap it up and put it under the tree hahaha :)

Tiffany said...

I asked for a coach bag this year... I am about 85% sure I got it. =}

But they have been sold out online for weeks so I might not get it this year. But I am hoping I do.

Sam said...

ooooooh the shoes are pretty :) i'm liking your cmas list!

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

HI! I'm here from MYB. Ok I'm having serious LOUB dilemma's. B got me a pair for my birthday and I returned them and I have to pick a new pair. Should I go glitter???

ps I'm following now!

Kell said...

hey girl, it's kell from unnecessary drama. i got your post about skin care.. shoot me and email so i can send you one back.. i have some suggestions for ya!

p.s. i want a massage, too! so bad!

Anonymous said...

Fun list, I love all the shoes!

Toothfairy said...

I like the pinkies!!! and the CL pump... ofcourse, how can I not!


TraceyLeigh said...

Ok, here's where I admit that I am in fact girlie enough to say that I would TOTALLY spend the money needed to get that Coach bag. Granted, I'd also have to find a way to sleep in it for the next few months, but I'm pretty sure I could pull it off...

jules said...

The keurig will change your life! It's amazing.

I just bought some killer stilettos myself on Friday and I'm still on a high from it!

Niks La Mode. said...

love the coach bag!!!! I am wishing for a nikon D90 hahahah!