Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meet Erica-
IBloggy friends- how I love you. You all are so supportive and encouraging and for that, I am so thankful.. Any other girls with me when I say that whenever I need a good laugh or pick-me-up, it's a simple hop, skip and click away?
I'd like you to meet one of my IRL friends though. I can't tell you how many nights we have spent laughing about dancing horses or talking about random other problems in our lives, errr...men. She has been my sound mind when I was about to make a ridiculous decision and has been a crying shoulder when I've had difficult nights. She's given me advice that has snapped me back to reality and has kept me in check when I needed to get my life together. She is my fellow coffee lover and Wawa frequenter. She not only supports, but also encourages my shopping obsession. She watches trash television with me till 6 am and laughs with me till we're both dilerous. She's not only smart with a level head on her shoudlers, she's also got the most beautiful green transparent eyes I've ever seen. This girl means the world to me and has quickly become one of my best friends here.
I made the announcement several days ago that I've decided to move back to Virginia to attend grad school, which means... that sadly I'll also have to be leaving this girl. My heart seriously becomes heavy thinking about it. I hate change, and I hate the thought that visiting her will be a 5 hour car ride instead of a thirty minute car ride.
At least it's not a 5 hour plane ride?

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