Wednesday, December 22, 2010

funny texts

I could not help but laugh the other day after I got this text from one of my best friends back home {his texts are in gray}.

There are about 10 more "why what's up" messages after this!
And then say men can't get a word in otherwise! Ha!

I can always count on him for a good laugh after a tough day and I am thankful for the way he looks out for those he is closest to. Although we are prone to our tiffs he has taught me a lot about friendship and respect- both self-respect and respect for others.

Check out a few of my favorite pictures/memories below!

The first two were from a weekend trip the three of us took together... his expressions were priceless as Erica and I danced around Starbucks that morning acting like total girls!

The last is a picture of us with his best friend and fiance- the 4 of us went on a cruise together! More pictures coming soon!


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