Thursday, February 10, 2011

a color-coded car engine... BRILLIANT!

Note: I am not an auto mechanic. 

I live 6 hours away from my Dad right now, who has always taken care of and fixed my car whenever necessary. I know nothing about my car. And when I say nothing... I mean I barely know how to pump gas.

January was a rough month for my little Pony... she was towed twice, once because she got stuck in the snow and once because she broke down on the side of the road after the car completely shut off from all power sources (scariest driving experience of my life). She also got a new battery, new radiator, new thermostat and various other new accessories (none of which are fun to buy).

Above is the picture I drew for my Dad when trying to explain to him the apparent "leak" that my mechanic in Virginia told me about. Go ahead... laugh away... Dad and Michael both did. 

Now a letter to the auto-part makers:

Dear Auto-part Makers, 

I would like to formally propose an idea. I think that instead of making every single engine part black or silver, you should start color-coding the various parts. Please note the following conversations for an example: 

Ema: "Dad, the blue box in the engine is seeping purple fluid."
Dad: "Oh, ok. That's the radiator and the coolant. Check the purple fluid level."

This conversation makes much more sense than the following:

Ema: "Dad, the black box that is attached to the black cord on the right hand side if you're looking at the engine is seeping out yellow, brownish water/oil looking stuff... it's seeping out of the black pipe that is attached to the black box."
Dad: ".........."

Please consider making this an industry-wide change. 

Kind regards, 
A confused young woman who knows nothing about cars

Genius, I know...