Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 1

I have lovely news for you today, dear readers!

I have FINALLY been able to lock down a personal trainer. Meet Elizabeth Hanlin, my personal trainer who lives 3,000 miles away. 

I first "met" Liz when I found her fashion blog a little over a year ago. I instantly fell in love with her- she was transparent about her feelings, wasn't afraid to show emotion about real-life-girl-world situations and blogged about the prettiest shoes and clothes ever.

If you remember, my mom gave me personal trainer sessions to me for my birthday in December, leaving me with the simple task of finding a trainer of my preference. It hasn't been easy- school and work have been absolutely kicking my tail this semester, not leaving much time to devote to finding a trainer and gym. Somewhere along the lines, I stumbled across Liz's new site, "It's not just about being skinny" and knew she was the one.

Some of you are probably skeptical- a trainer that is 3,000 miles away? Yeah... that's motivational and a game plan to fail since she won't be there at the gym with you. I suppose it would be pretty easy to "cheat" and say that I ran 3 miles when I only ran 1... or that I did 300,000 sit ups when I only did 10. There could be a day where I tell her false information about when I ran or what I consumed that day. But guess what? Where would that get me? Definitely not back into my "skinny jeans," that's for sure.

This is something that I want, both for myself and for my future health.  Like Liz says though, it's not just about being skinny... it's about changing my life and maintaining health. This is something that I am determined to accomplish... I want my skinny jeans and pretty Ann Taylor clothes back in my life. and I want my confidence back. I don't want to hide behind loose clothes anymore... or pass a skinny girl and wish that I was that size again. Will my skinny jeans alone bring that confidence back?  Not entirely.... Will it be a quick, easy journey... probably not at all. But I know that this is something I need to work at, much more than what I am doing right now.

Greg and Jill's wedding is coming up in June. This is the perfect even to plan to wear a figure-forming, killer little black dress and a confident attitude to match. When I asked Liz how realistic this goal was, her response was, "absolutely realistic. you're going to look insanely different by then my lady." I literally smiled at my desk today when I read this.

I will be posting pictures and writing as necessary. I'm not going to promise weekly posts of my progress... my schedule is entirely too busy for that. But I will promise pictures and I will promise progress. It's about dang time to get this under control.


Multi-Colored Sprinkles said...

Im proud of you and I will be here to encourage and support and help anytime you need it!

christie said...

ah, good for you! i totally feel for you here. good luck!!

Brunch at Saks said...

You will do amazing love! We are all here for you!