Monday, February 21, 2011

falling in love...

Today marks the day that 2 years ago, I naively said yes to a man who asked me to marry him. Little did I know then that I would be where I am today. That man is no longer in my life in any way and for that, I am so thankful.

His current life is irrelevant to mine; we are now two very different people living two very different lives. And who I was 2 years ago and who I am today, February 21, 2011 are two completely different women. I was once dangerously dependent, unable to make decisions without his input, naive and loved and respected that man more than I loved and respected myself. It was a tornado within a hurricane.

Every day is still a battle and every day I have to make decisions to continue to improve, to change, to grow... but who I am today is something to be proud of. With the exception of paying my own car insurance (my Dad helps me out because I'm in school), I am completely, 100% dependent on my income and my income alone. I pay my own insurance, my own bills and am working hard to reduce  debt. I'm a part time Master's student and full-time employee. I make big-girl decisions daily that will directly impact my future and most importantly, I am learning to fall in love with myself.

That is why I have decided {after much hesitation} to purchase this pendant from Ritzy Misfit's Etsy store. Because it's more than just a pendant, it's a symbol of who I am. The artist explains what I am trying to explain perfectly: "No one is perfect, but we are all beautiful. These pendants give the feeling of being beautiful, unique and rough around the edges at the same time. My work reflects the wonderful, flawed idiosyncrasies in us all... and it makes us all breath-taking."

 In an "E" of course :)

This is a treat for me... for getting where I am today and committing to becoming even more in the future. It's a reminder to learn to fall more in love with "me" everyday... character flaws and all.

I would love to hear if you own a piece of jewelry that shares a story!
share it in a comment!

ps. many emails and a few comments this weekend about sharing recipes and my secrets... first, THANK YOU for the encouragement. Second, recipes and secrets of staying on track coming this week!

pps. quoteable monday still coming today!


Meg said...

Aww, thanks for sharing this! I love that this necklace will have so much meaning for you! You definitely deserve to treat yourself :)


Gwen said...

What a great message about the necklace from the seller. It will be a perfect reminder to be who you are at all time. You definitely deserve it.

Amanda* said...

This is an amazing story and message. Thank you so much for sharing!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

You've come so far my love...and my Ritzy Misfit is the necklace that reminds me of how far I've come...

and now I'm glad we have each other :)

christie said...

I LOVE THIS!!! good for you girl. i love it! stay strong.

kebowman said...

omg! love those!! :)