Saturday, February 19, 2011

attitude really IS everything

I'm about 5 days into my sugar/white flour detox and guess what? I feel better than I ever have before. No joke

I can't really identify why I am so pumped about this new lifestyle of eating healthy and "green" {not organic, haven't jumped on that bandwagon yet}, but one thing I have really been focusing on this week is that it truly is all about your attitude.

There are plenty of things that I have eliminated from my diet this week: goldfish, chocolate, red wine {for about another week at least} and mac and cheese {all favorite foods here, people}. 

BUT... there are also plenty of things that I have introduced myself to this week: protein packed green smoothies, Greek yogurt with honey, quinoa, pita chips and hummus. All week long I have had the chance to try new foods and new recipes, all packed with delicious and wholesome ingredients. How fun is that?!

Another thing that this change has brought back is my love for cooking. I stopped cooking about 2 years ago because I had a mentality that cooking for myself wasn't going to be fun. Hot dang, was I ever wrong... I love cooking for myself! I don't have to worry about pleasing others' taste buds or having dinner ready at a particular time... I simply fix what I want when I want. 

What I'm trying to say is this: I could be complaining that I've given up goldfish, peanut butter M&Ms, red wine {heaven help me, one more week} and cooking a scrumptious dinner for two at my apartment, but I know that continuously thinking about the things that I cannot have will lead me down a road of misery and failure. Instead... it's all about a change in attitude towards the things that I can have, which right now include wholesome and truly delicious foods like veggies, fruits and whole grains... and yeah, even a little dark chocolate here and there. :)

My energy level has soared through the roof this week {no really, ask my coworkers} and I feel my confidence  gaining strength with each day that goes by... a true change I am welcoming with open arms. 

{just a friendly reminder}

I am so thankful for you, dear readers. You keep me going. 
Happy Weekend!!!


RAW said...

That's awesome! I bet you feel great.

I need to give up sugar/white flower, too. The problem is that I have no will power. What do you do to fight your urges?

Katherine-Claire O'Connor said...

Thats so exciting! It must feel great to have that new energy-feel like sharing your top recipes that you are finding?

Elizabeth Marie said...


Anonymous said...

Cutting out processed carbs makes me feel like a champ!