Saturday, February 19, 2011

#wah #immawimpygirl

My brain and body have literally not stopped for about 3 weeks straight now.
No, but really...

*If it's not some underlying issue with my car, it's the internet/cable (and thus cell phone since the connection is powered through my internet when I'm at home) being down for an entire week (all my love to the winners at Comcast)

*If it's not the sp*ders that I killed last week that have been lingering in my bedroom window giving me nightmares for 7+ months, it's the mouse that is now leaving poo trails behind in my bathroom (insert #wah #immawimpygirl here)

*It's catching up on job applications but falling overwhelmingly behind on my homework 

I have NO idea how some people do it all... seriously. However, dear readers... here are 4 things to which I am desperately thankful for tonight: 

1. IT'S THE WEEKEND (enough said!)
2. although it was insanely inconvenient trying to diagnose the issues with my car, it has all been affordable and I've managed to NOT have to put a dime on my credit card
3. Advocare's Spark energy drink (bounce off the walls much?!) I believe I am becoming a believer...
4. Elizabeth Hanlin and the handful of "real" girls that I have been in contact with who have inspired, motivated and kept me going with my recent life-style change. I could never thank you enough.

I hope your Valentine's week was just as lovely as you, dear readers! xo

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