Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monday Funday

Monday night provided the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful evening with good friends here in Virginia. After grabbing an early dinner and drinks at my favorite local restaurant, we made a group decision to drive across town for a Central Virginia local favorite- Mr. Goodies Ice Cream. Anyone who is in the area knows how much of a staple this little tent is to the town.

Granted, I may or may not have chosen going to get ice cream over a run and volleyball on Monday night, but the way I look at it... I'm only in town for a few more weeks, so why not soak up every opportunity I get to spend time with these few amazing, loyal friends. I limited myself to a small chocolate cone and left off the sprinkles and gummy bears. I'm pretty sure I balanced out the unhealthiness of the ice cream cone with all the fresh Spring air I made sure to breathe in... or so I'm letting myself believe. ;)

'xcuse the jank hair- I thought I was just going to the gym, not taking pictures ;)

 Sitting outside enjoying a chocolate cone with good company (that I may not see for a while after my move) on a warm-ish Spring evening... there are few things better and I wasn't about to pass it up.

I hope your Monday was just as beautiful, dear readers. 


Ashley said...

I would choose getting ice cream with friends over running anyday! lol - Cute pics! :)

Dree said...

I think you made a great decision to enjoy ice cream with friends. Those are the memories you'll never forget! BTW, the vaniller ice cream with a chocolate "hat" was my go-to ice cream back in the day (when I had those awesome options!). It looks like what you got!

S said...

It is def. the little things in life for sure! :)