Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Ladies {and gentlemen who read}... as of last night,
it's official

What?!? WHAT'S OFFICIAL AS OF LAST NIGHT?! I'm sure you're dying to know. No, no, no... it's deeeefinitely not a relationship. Past the point of a rebound, but not quite ready to dive back in yet.

What I'm talking about ladies... is my confirmed little shopping adventure toooooooo,
the fabulous
New York City
this Saturday!!

SO excited!

Of course work almost ruined it by scheduling me to work, and I literally squealed with delight when someone offered to cover my shift. Now, granted... this means that I'll be giving up my Black Friday shopping in exchange for working, but honestly... Black Friday really isn't my thing. Thanks, but no thanks to waking up at 3am to deal with tired, cranky shoppers who push and shove their way to the front just to get a deal on that pair of shoes that I'll be giving to someone else for Christmas. Selfish, but not the way I like to start my Christmas shopping season.

So girls, help me out by telling me the places I should go, the things I should see during my little stay. I want some ideas for dining {places native to the City} and ideas for shopping. Cheap dining this time, saving my money for spending. ;)

In other news:
Unfortunately, I'll be putting a lock on my tweets. Doesn't mean your follow isn't welcome... but I've been getting some recent inappropriate ish. You know- spammers and porn-star wannabes. And pee ess: can someone please explain to me the point of spam? Also, there may or may not be a few people out there that I don't want knowing what's going on.

Now... be good little bloggy friends and tell me where to go on
my adventure to the City on Saturday!!


molly YEH! said...

check it out, sista

Welcome Home said...

Enjoy your time in NYC! It really is one of the best cities in the world for a good spree. I think my favorite part of town now is Williamsburg X

Elizabeth Marie said...

OMG I am so jealous!!!! You should ask Kate where to go, she lives there. I miss it!

♥Aubrey said...

Jealous indeed!!! I've never MUST take pics to share :)- Have F.U.N. lady.

Gwen said...

So jealous!!! I hope you have a fabulous time shopping in NYC!!! XOXO

dreaming in pink and green said...

LOVE that picture of NYC! so excited for you - I've been thinking of going there in the summer to celebrate my birthday. I've only been once and that was like 5 or 6 years ago. I just watched Bride Wars and it made me want to go SO bad!

Thanks again for your email love :) I really appreciated it, you are SO sweet!

Jenni said...

Ohhhh congrats! I wish I could give you some suggestions, but ive never been to NY...soooo my tip suggestion is to take lots of photos while you are there so we can all live vicariously!

Miss J said...

NY isn't so fabulous when you lived there. Noooo thanks. Have fun though, I would recommend a cheap place to eat but, I'm sure no such thing exists! Dirty water dogs and pretzels on the street for a buck? Yes. Enjoy it, tell those NYers I don't miss them one bit <3

Miss J said...

ps...what a debbie downer i am! Hah, NY may not be fabulous, but YOU SURE ARE! Love you!!

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

lucky. I so want to go to NYC!!!

ps. yes you can use my idea :) just as long as its not the same, lol

Kristin said...

Ohhhhhhh, so fun! I'll be there in a couple months. Can't wait. And you gotta love the old porn chick spam. Ugh.