Saturday, November 21, 2009

My List Just Got Longer

Can I just say that I had a flippin' b.l.a.s.t today!!

I literally shopped till I dropped. Good company, good shopping and good food to finish.

I decided to save my money for my little adventure today, and if you followed by twitter today, you may have heard of some of the stores we visited. ALTHOUGH, I am just slightly disappointed that I didn't indulge in the tanning package... Can't have my cake and eat it too, I suppose. That will be my next thing I indulge in... after bills, but before Christmas fo'show.

I ended up snagging a few pieces from Banana Republic, {at to die for prices, you'd be so jealous} but since I found them at the factory story, there's no pictures. You'll just have to wait for an outfit post to see them.

For your viewing pleasure though, here's a few other things I fell in love with today:

Kate Spade's Rainy Day Blakely Purse Bag
can be found on the 'bay here
{check it in the red and pink too!}

And Kate's Guilia Heel
can be found here
{omg, I HAVE to have these shoes- they look so fab on my footsies}

And remember said post about these fab shoes from Miss Lizzy Marie? Guess who found an EVEN MORE fab.u.lous pair that had a bonus peep toe and adorb bow?? And for $16 {after an employee discount} at the Charlotte Rouse FS, who can pass these hotties up?


What did you find this weekend, lovelies??

And is anyone with me when I say that this has always been my favorite season to shop... for myself???


dreaming in pink and green said...

whoa...those pink shoes are SEXY!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh I feel sick at the obscene amount I spent on mine. Mayyyyjah buyers remorse. I haven't been in a Charlotte Russe forever but I have to!

And those pink ones? I die!

Paula Kathlyn said...

LOVE the shoes and the bag!!! Enjoy heels now, after you have a kid they just arent as comfy when you are holding 20 extra pounds!!! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Kristin said...

Kate and those pink beauties are killing me!!