Monday, May 24, 2010

{and I love you for giving me your eyes, now stay back and watch me shine}

So I never did a Mother's Day post.

Although I wasn't able to spend the actual day with my mother, I was at least privileged enough to talk with her from 6 hours away.

I can't listen to this song without tearing up thinking about my Mother. It defines my mother to the core.

My mother is my hero. She's held me on the floor as I've bawled my eyes out- emotionally, mentally and physically raw after being hurt deeper than I've ever been hurt before.

She's loves me regardless of the times I've emotionally smacked her in the face. She's loved me after I've rejected her advice. She encouraged me every morning for months when I wanted nothing less than to just stay in bed and sleep away any emotions. She gave me her strength when she had none herself. She's sacrificed. She's love unconditionally. She's put my needs above her own...

And that's just for one of her three children.

I am so proud of my mother. Now, at 47 years old, she's pursuing a dream she's had since we were kids. She's pursuing a completely new career, teaching herself the "ins and outs" of running a business and polishing her photography skills. How many of you can say that your Mom has taught herself a new career at 47? I have never been more proud of her! Think I'm lying? Check her out for yourself.

Thank you Mom, for teaching me the importance of family, faith and unconditional love. I would be lost without you. You are my rock.

Tell me something about your Mom. Because after all, who needs just a day to celebrate your mother?


Jenni said...

the photos turned out beautifully!!! How fantastic! PS-Im having a giveaway for a beautiful carafe on my blog!

Rasha said...

yay for your mom! so awesome

Patti D said...

Ema - You are such a lovely young lady with lots of class and fine style! I love that you pay such respect and admonition to and for your mom...our mom's are so important and we don't always know it till we get older. What you wrote about your mom brought tears to my eyes - she's very special!! I am very proud of you and the woman you've become. Stay as sweet and charming as you are...

TraceyLeigh said...

My mom is the bomb
your mom is too..
it's like they are both sisters
oh wait, they are! Woohoo!


Kinsey Michaels said...

Aww this post was so sentimental and sweet. That's great that your mom is redefining her career - it's never too late!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Hi, I just came across your blog, and although you haven't posted in a while, wanted to say hello because this post is just so sweet. It made me tear up thinking of my mom.. we are lucky girls to have such caring, loving, trusting, dependable, there when we need them mothers :)