Monday, July 19, 2010

Where I've Been: here and there and everywhere!

Well... here it is in pictures.
Because pictures are always more fun...

Opening night for the Phillies April 2010
BEST time with friends that I love:

{love that city skyline}

{best of friends}

THEN {also in April}... I was SO kindly invited to paint DC our favorite color {see flowers below} one weekend when T, an old college friend invited me to stay at her uncle's sweet pad {also see below}

{we went for the cherry blossoms, but I fell in love with these pink tulips more. go figure}

We talked and we shopped and we walked around. Then we were chauffeured around for a personal tour of the entire city.
Then we ate. And ate. And ate.

Then we stayed on the 15th floor of *THIS* building where we drank some wine and admired the city lights. The living room had a panoramic view of the city.
Those lights, they captured my heart.

Then, in May... I photographed my first wedding in over a year with my Mother. Haven't seen her work? Check it out, you won't be disappointed. It's always a BLAST spending the day with her while working. This was my first wedding since, well... you know... and guess what? I'm still alive and happy and breathing.

June was Sister's 21st birthday.
Where better to celebrate than the famously trashy Atlantic City?!
We took a group, but the best company was my siblings:

Sister and I danced the night away. What fun!!!

Oh, that's the time that we scored front row seats {at a packed out 4th of July game} at our city's junior baseball league game. Here, we met Gerald, who gave us our front row seats. Why didn't get a picture with Gerald? {Jules, on that stat} We topped this night off when I caught a baseball that the boys threw at us with their number and invited us to play "Call of Duty" back at their hotel room. Talk about klassy.

I enjoyed the evening with these two fabulous ladies, Brit and Jules:

Also in July?
Daddy officially announced his candidacy for the House of Representatives.
This is him. I am SO proud!!!

Somewhere in here, I started collecting Silly Bands. Thanks Julia.
I thought they were dumb. I still do.
But yet the coolest thing I have ever collected.
My silly band collection went from this:

{you can award me my earned cool points later}

One of my favorite things to do with my ladies is visit one of our local Mexican restaurants for Friday Night Mexican/Margarita Night. {aka FNMMN} Is there a better way to start off a weekend than with Margaritas? Our friend Jorge makes ours special, for his favorite guests of honor.
and no, we didn't drink the whole thing ourselves. there are multiple straws

{holy cow, my hair got long. when did that happen?!}

Speaking of our friend Jorge, the girls and I seem to meet the most wonderful people whilst out painting the town. Below is a picture of Julia, myself and our new friend Ann.

Ann is going to Vegas with us in October. Ann also more or less offered me a job at a Wedding Publication company. Although I don't think she remembers doing so...

Ann was fabulous. Although we don't have a picture, we also met Kay. Kay was adorned with Tiffany's. Hence the beginning of our best-friend-ship.

And lastly, on a more serious note... I coined this phrase to be my new phrase in life for the moment:

This phrase, found on the back of a Dove Chocolate wrapper sits on my keyboard at work. I look at it everyday. It reminds me, every day... to dwell in my past. I have the brightest, most promising future in front of my than I have ever had in my entire life. I will only move forward.

One of these days, I'm going to finish my story of how/why In My Red High Heels began.
I promise.

Until then, you should go thank Sam for the most gorgeous layout that she put together for me. Cuase God only knows... I have NO time to work on my own design stuff. Why is that?

Love you all. Thrilled to be back.
Tell me how your Summer has been, loves.


Rasha @ {andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Miss you lady! Glad you're back!

♥Aubrey said...

You've been a BUSY girl! Great pics.

Sam said...

Sounds like you've been busy and having tons of fun! Love all of your pictures. And thanks for mentioning me! You're so sweet :)

cynthia gayle said...

are you kidding me?????? The background is AMAZING!!!! I am so jealous! JK

ManoloChooLou said...

Looks like you've been busy and having fun. Glad you're back :)

molly YEH! said...

yay! welcome back! ok you need to fill me in on whats all the hype with those rubber bands. i'm seeing them everywhere!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Such fun pics!! Looks like you have had a fantastic summer :)