Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Minute Shopping

Anyone else running around panicking for last-minute Christmas gifts? Here are some thoughtful, yet inexpensive ideas. Cheap enough to buy in bulk and tuck under the tree for that unexpected friend who pops in to exchange gifts and you didn't think they were "that kind" of friend.

One of my favorite gifts to keep handy are scarves. These are usually pretty enough to skip the box and wrap in a simple ribbon. Check
Wal-Mart, Target and T.J. Maxx for a nice feel and inexpensive patterns. Guys love scarves, too so make sure to pick out a few masculine prints for them as well!
Forever 21 also has some cute, inexpensive jewelry. Pick up a few accessories and drop a few coordinating pieces in a cute Christmas bag. Your girlfriends will love it!

For the girls who have many a guy friend: keep a few $5 Starbucks {or my favorite, a local coffee shop} gift cards, mugs {try to skip the festival ones so they can enjoy all year} or a mini bag of Starbucks Christmas blend available.

And lastly, a bottle of wine is always appreciated by many. I love purchasing wines from local vineyards- it gives them a chance to experience where you live!

These are all gifts that you can easily skip the box or bag and tie a cute bow or ribbon around- perfect for grabbing at the last minute and without the hassle and embarrassment of peeking through bags hoping your grabbing an appropriate gift for your guest. And the best part is, if you bought more than you need- all these gifts would be perfect to enjoy yourself!

Happy shopping!



Sam said...

these are great ideas! and i love those earrings :) i like the new blog look!

Nicole Marie said...

love those necklaces!

cynthia gayle said...

One of my favorite post yet!!